God Winks

I love to see a calendar filled with more events than I could ever dream of attending.

Last week we had an ice storm that ended up canceling a lot of my appointments and events keeping me stuck at home.

I knew what I should have done was spent the day rescheduling but I didn't, so I was looking for new events and places that would be beneficial to check out.

I found an event that is a night out for ladies to network and connect their businesses tomorrow night, of course I want to go and take everyone I know with me! They expect 200 ladies will attend, this sounds so incredible.

I messaged the promoter and she visited with me sharing she would not be able to attend her event due to she has the flu.

You know me, I had to ask, is there anything I can do to help you ? She was so grateful and said well yes I could use you to be a greeter!! I was like Whoo Hoo! of course I said yes.

Why am I getting to do this, because I ask, how may I serve you? Its not about me, when you place others needs before your own beautiful things happen for everyone.

This is just one of those God Connections, God Winks, they happen to us when we least expect them. They make us smile, feel blessed and create incredible way to connect, serve and give back.

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